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Call of Duty: Ghosts' Onslaught DLC pack made its debut today. The map pack is exclusively available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 for the time being.

Onslaught introduces four new multiplayer maps. "Ignition," a remake of Modern Warfare 2 map "Scrapyard," pits players against each other in a deserted space launch facility. "BayView" brings the action to a quiet seaside town in California. Players will battle their way through a Mexican village in "Containment."

The most interesting map in the bundle, though, is "Fog." "Fog" is intended as an homage to horror movies. If a player accomplishes a special Field Order, they'll become Halloween star Michael Myers. When this happens, the music will change to the Halloween theme.

The other maps have their own surprises. Players in "BayView" can call in artillery strikes from a warship anchored nearby. In "Containment," they'll have to steer clear of a rickety bridge holding up a truck of radioactive materials.

The DLC pack also includes "Episode 1: Nightfall," a story-driven Extinction mode experience. A recon team must investigate a research facility infested with the vicious aliens known as Cryptids. They'll encounter two new species of Cryptids, including a three-story-tall boss. The story of "Nightfall" will continue across three episodes included in future Ghosts DLC packs. The official trailer for Episode 1 is below.

Onslaught's final piece of content is the Maverick rifle. This weapon can be used as either an assault rifle or sniper rifle. Depending on which mode you use, the Maverick will either have a long range or a high rate of fire. It's available in both competitive multiplayer and Extinction mode.

The DLC pack has a lot to offer but it comes at a heavy cost: $15. Activision suggests that you buy the $49.99 Season Pass to get access to all four maps in one fell swoop. They are slightly biased on this issue, though.

The PS4, PS3 and PC release dates for Onslaught haven't been announced yet. Generally, though, Call of Duty DLC is exclusive to Xbox for at least 30 days. If you're playing on a non-Xbox platform, you should anticipate getting this DLC at the end of February if not later. While you wait, watch this video of Al Capone from Boardwalk Empire kidnapping people to play Call of Duty:

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