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Virtual brick and mortar will crumble at your feet as CastleStorm finally lays siege to the Wii U, bringing all of its castles, as well as the storming of said castles, to Nintendo’s latest home console. Look for it to arrive just a little late for Christmas, launching in the US and Europe on Dec. 26.

Coming from the folks at Zen Studios, CastleStorm will be available for $9.99 in the US and 9.99 Euros in, um, Europe, once it hits virtual store shelves late next week. According to the developers, this latest port of their strategy attack game takes all of the Wii U’s unique features into account, giving players a whole new way to get into the game.

CastleStorm makes full use of the Nintendo Wii U GamePad, which mirrors the action of being displayed on the TV, allowing the game to be fully playable on the GamePad without a TV,” reads the press release announceing CatleStorm’s latest launch. “All functionality is available without touch as well, using the sticks and action buttons. In local multiplayer, one player uses the Pro Controller and looks at the TV. The other player uses the GamePad and plays on the GamePad screen.”

Seems pretty straightforward to me. And thanks to its bright colors, humorous battle action and family-friendly nature, CastleStorm might just be the perfect holiday treat to play with the young’uns while visiting family this holiday season. From tower defense to brawler gameplay, pretty much everyone from beginners to vets can find something to enjoy. It's a simple game to help round out the Wii U's library without adding too much flair or too much panache. It's a game aimed to be fun and it seems to want to be nothing but that.

So grab the kids, power up the Wii U, throw a GamePad in someone’s hand and make a new family tradition of utterly destroying one another to comic affect all day long. Besides, come Dec. 26, Christmas is officially over. You can be as naughty as you want, even throw in a victory dance or two, and still have a full year to get your name back on that Nice list.

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