It was originally thought that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow-Mirror of Fate for the Nintendo 3DS might make a 2012 appearance but, following an announcement from Konami at Gamescom, it looks like the title has been pushed back ever-so-slightly into “early 2013.”

While some may argue that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow strayed too far from the other games in the series' storied past, apparently the third-person action take on the classic Belmont vs. Creatures of the Night formula did well enough to inspire Konami to put together not one, but two sequels. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is due out for home consoles sometime next year with Mirror of Fate connecting the two console titles on the 3DS.

“It's been two years since the enormous success of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and with the next installment, we want to take the necessary time needed to give fans a handheld title unlike any other,” said Producer Dave Cox. “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow-Mirror of Fate will bridge the stroyline to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Both titles will reveal the shocking fate of the Belmont Clan in a dramatic culmination of the Lords of Shadow saga.”

Be warned that, if you haven't played the original Lords of Shadow, there are some pretty significant spoilers coming up in this next paragraph. You've been warned.

Lords of Shadow-Mirror of Fate takes place 25 years following the original game in the series. Gabrial Belmont is struggling with his new identity as the bloodsucking Dracula and, wouldn't you know it, his pesky descendents want to put an end to his rise to power. Simon and Trevor Belmont have a few daddy issues, and their way of talking things out involves deadly whips, holy water and a crucifix or two.

Wherever Mirror of Fate ends, Lords of Shadow 2 will pick up the thread following sometime later next year. Look for Castlevania to make the leap to the 3DS sometime in early 2013.

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