Remember Zeliard? That somewhat Zelda-style side-scrolling game where you played that little dude trying to save the princess who was turned to stone? Well, a game from Discord Games called Chasm is designed in a similar vein to Zeliard, Xargon and Jill of the Jungle, and it's as charming as it is delightfully addictive to watch.

The game brings back the old-school dungeon-crawling platform mechanics that invaded the PC, Amiga and Commodore 64 space during the late 80s and early 90s. The graphic art-style is reminiscent of the 32-bit coloring era issued in with hand-drawn RPGs for the original PlayStation. The gameplay is the real highlight, with amazingly smooth animations for the movements and combat. Check it out below.

I'm very impressed with that. It's such a nostalgic looking experience that it would probably be hard for any old-school gamer to walk away not have some sense of longing to dive in head-first and play from the dawning of the moon's light to the bright rise of sunlight.

The game is still heavy in development but they're already seeking support from the Greenlight community in hopes of having a place on Steam's store once the game is finished and done.

If Chasm has tickled enough of your fancy where you feel it's a game you could see yourself playing over and over and over again, don't hesitate to pledge your support for projects like this by giving Chasm an upvote and a favorite over on the official Greenlight page.

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