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If you want to know why people still talk about SNES RPG Chrono Trigger to this day, you've now got a chance to play it yourself. Square Enix revealed today that CT is going to arrive on the North American PSN next week.

"We’re happy to confirm that Chrono Trigger is coming to the PSN in North America on October 4th," said Square Enix product manager Charles McCarter on the PlayStation.Blog. "That’s right—in just a few days, you’ll be able to visit (or re-visit, as I’m sure is the case for many of you) one of the most hilarious and unique casts of characters ever assembled in an RPG."

In Chrono Trigger, a young man and his friends set out to stop a creature known as Lavos from destroying the world. In order to prevent the apocalypse, they must travel back and forth between different time periods. Their actions in the past change the future eras. This cause-and-effect gameplay, along with the epic plot and colorful characters, are just some of the reasons why CT has such a huge following even today.

CT was re-released for PSOne back in 1999. The PSOne version included animated cutscenes and other bonuses, such as an art gallery. Presumably this is the version that will be released through PSN.

Once you've finished CT, you'll have another game to look forward to. Earlier this week, the ESRB rated its sequel, Chrono Cross, for PSN and PSP - a sign that that game will be released through PSN as well.

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