One of the things you probably did (or didn't) know about the recent indie RPG Cube World is that the voxel-based game sports destructible environments. It's not easy to wreck the world and bring it to its knees, but some of the bosses seem to be able to do so in both an entertaining and frightening fashion.

The video above is a 12 minute fight between two YouTube friends and a troll boss. This boss isn't the typical boss that has his typical patterns and stays in his little sanctum... oh no, this boss gets around like a pimp in West Hollywood with a trunk full of Trojans.

The first few minutes – I must warn you – are a series of failed attempts at fighting the boss. We first see the duo try to blitz him by spamming their strongest attacks and attempting to dodge out of the way of his devastating club, but all to no avail.

Next, we see the duo try hardily to bait and switch for the win.. only, the troll boss isn't having any of that and proceeds to curb stomp the duo into the ground... literally.

Eventually Goldy and his bromance decide to do things a little differently: they alternate attacks, they stick and move and they use the great spirit of Muhammad Ali to arrow-box the troll to the knee while the gaping-mouthed lizard does a reverse proctological stab to his face. Using this tactic, the troll boss just can't keep up and despite throwing a tantrum of epic proportions, knocking over trees and denting the ground, he just couldn't stand up against the power of the frog and lizard bromance.

The thing that makes the fight so epic is the fact that the environment plays a massive part in the way the world shapes and changes to world shattering attacks.

Early in the fight the troll boss is blowing out trees and denting the hill-side, where-as later in the fight his massive club indented the ground, which made it difficult for the duo to leap out of harms way and it nearly cost our heroes the entire fight.

Let's also not ignore the fact that the music sewn into the experience as things started amping up really made the whole affair that much more intense. It was like a lot of hype from a big EVO fight but without the musty stench of a room full of overweight man-nerds.

If you're looking for a really cool game with a procedurally generated world and unlimited replayability and scope, Cube World is definitely that game. While it shares some visual semblance Minecraft, the game is much more quest-oriented and has a strong focus on character development, item acquisition, monster hunting and exploration.

You can learn more about Cube World by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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