Looking to upgrade your networking lifestyle? Perhaps add a little flavor to your routing adventures? Well, if you're the type who has gone all-in on a gaming lifestyle and you now need a network router to keep up with your habits, you'll probably be inclined to consider a gaming router as your next purchase. Conveniently enough, one has just become available from D-Link.

The new DGL-5500 gaming router with Qualcomm StreamBoost technology has officially launched and is available at participating retailers nationwide or at online e-tailers from many of the usual suspects, including Amazon, Tigerdirect and Newegg.

So what makes the DGL-5500 so special and what's all this talk about the StreamBoost tech from Qualcomm? Well, basically if you're looking for a better way to manage high-speed data consumption from your home gaming or work network, D-Link's latest gaming router is specifically setup to allow you to intake massive speeds and distribute them the bandwidth where necessary.

As noted in the press release...
The D-Link Gaming Router offers AC1300 wireless speeds with unique traffic shaping and bandwidth management coupled with four gigabit Ethernet ports to deliver the ultimate in gaming performance, media streaming and network control. Using Qualcomm StreamBoost technology, the router delivers a robust connected experience to users of all devices on a home network by intelligently managing and shaping traffic, and giving each device and application the priority and bandwidth required for optimal performance

This all works in conjunction with Qualcomm's StreamBoost, which enables users to check out every connected device on the network via the router's software controls, and monitor and administrator bandwidth rights, usage rates and set data caps without going through any third-party measures or using complicated networking configuration scripts to setup how you want your network to run.

The DGL-5500 would be perfect for someone who wants gaming to prioritize over downloads, uploads, streams or other wi-fi traffic use. Take for instance, you're queuing up some movies in Netflix on your laptop but you want to play Halo 4 or Mario Kart Wii on your game console while you wait: Simply administer how much bandwidth is being sent to the laptop and manage the game console as having priority over everything else, so if someone bugs you by Skype, you get e-mail or someone sends you a video, the bandwidth will take lower precedence over your gaming session.

You have to admit that's pretty cool right there.

I've never really been heavy into the whole networking thing, but there are times when there are multiple instances of downloads/uploads occurring in software or from services that don't always readily allow you to dictate how much bandwidth they consume. Having the DGL-5500 help manage those kind of instances for you while also providing the fastest speeds possible is pretty cool.

You can learn more about this new gaming hardware by paying a visit to the official website. Alternatively you can pick up this gaming router from one of the above listed e-tailers for $199.99.

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