Dean “Rocket” Hall has been adamant about getting the standalone release of DayZ as soon as possible. Originally, the game was expected to be out before the end of 2012 but now it looks like the window has narrowed to a more definitive launch period sometime in November.

In an interview with VG 24/7, Hall stated that development wasn't going as fast as he'd like but that a solid alpha-build will arrive sometime by November for a small entry price, saying...
“I think we’ve got a winner here,” ... “but it’s been challenging. It’s a slower development than I’d like, and while that’s not going to affect the release date, it is going to affect how ambitious we can be with the actual content.”

“I think the most important thing is we deal with hacking, bugs, duping, new content, tidy up some of the features and expand them a bit. I think if we can get that base – by the end of November or December – then that means January and February will be really happy, fun times.”

And those “happy, fun times” includes construction, instanced areas for building abodes or other creative ventures that expand on the apocalyptic-survival concept.

The main idea is that Hall and the team are taking a Minecraft approach to the design: fix the broken parts and then add more creative ventures for seemingly endless replayability.

I'm both excited and scared about the standalone release of DayZ because alpha-builds are incredibly dangerous when getting them out there to the public, and it's easy to pick up a negative reaction based on buggy, glitchy or error-ridden gameplay mechanics. I think, for the most part, if they can just hammer out the zombies and the lag, then the game will be all right.

Bohemia Interactive will face stiff competition with DayZ as Hammerpoint Interactive's The War Z is scheduled to enter closed-beta on October 31st.

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