Visceral Games is including Kinect support for Dead Space 3. This makes DS3 the first co-op game to feature Kinect voice commands.

The voice commands allow players to patch up their co-op partner or revive them. They can also swap ammunition. Voice commands can be used to find the current objective as well.

Dead Space 3 takes place on the Necromorph-infested world of Tau Volantis. Isaac Clarke will have to battle these creatures as well as Unitology cult members. His companion in co-op is Sergeant John Carver, a new character.

Since the game was announced, Visceral has repeatedly said that co-op is only optional, though. The game is completely playable solo. However, if you bring in a second player, the story will change. Furthermore, playing as Carver will allow you to experience things you wouldn't have seen as Isaac. To drive this point home, Visceral released a new trailer today called "Two Ways to Play."

DS3 is due in early February. You can stock up on bonus equipment in the meantime by pre-ordering.

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