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Dead Trigger 2 Announced For Tegra 4 Devices

Due out this summer for Nvidia's Tegra 4 powered devices, Dead Trigger 2 will channel all the awesomeness and frantic arcade action from the original game but gone amped up, bigger, better, glossier, shinier and more graphically jaw-dropping than the first title. The game will still be free-to-play given all the pirates on Android devices.

As showcased in the debut announcement trailer above, Dead Trigger 2 opts to make water more reflective, physical properties more physics-based, blood more bloody and shooting Anyway, the game is all about turning your brain off and running around blasting down zombies like they were a disease and you were the cure.

The whole concept is a generalized version of the wave-based survival paradigm employed by the likes of Killing Floor or Call of Duty's zombie modes. The main objective is to rack up score, survive and rack up even more score.

Madfinger Games CEO, Marek Rabas commented about the new game, which will be at this year's E3, noting...

“We had hoped to release Dead Trigger 2 in June but when we put into perspective all the ideas that arose in the course of development, we decided that we did not want to deprive players of a better experience and so the decision was made to move back the release date,” “We wanted to release the game only when we were at a level of 100% satisfaction.“

Powered by the Unity Engine and getting the most out of its design from Nvidia's Tegra 4 processor, Dead Trigger 2 will be available later this summer for iOS and Android compatible devices. Madfinger has also not ruled out a possible port over to Mac, Linux and...Steam.

Need more info? Feel free to pay a kind visit to the game's official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.