Destiny, Call Of Duty: Ghosts Taken Offline By Hackers

The hacking group known as the Lizard Squad has apparently been up to their old shenanigans, bombarding and sending denial of service attacks to Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts servers.

The attacks have been reported by VG 24/7, where the Lizard Squad – allegedly the same group responsible for the hack attacks occurring in August that took PSN, Xbox Live and offline – tweeted out responsibility for the attacks.

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Additionally, there's a thread over on Reddit in the Destiny sub-Reddit that explains how a lot of people were booted mid-game once the DDoS attacks took place. Many others have claimed that they can't even log into the game anymore. Others have stated that the PS4 version of Destiny is working somewhat fine for them – so it may be that only some users were affected by the outage.

Additionally, The Escapist forums were also hit during the same time. However, no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. At the moment the forums have been taken offline, as you can see below.

Co-founder of the Escapist Alexander Macris posted the following messages in regards to the DDoS attacks.

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VG 24/7 makes it known that they're unsure if the attacks are related, or if conveniently enough The Escapist's forums just happened to go down around the same time as Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

There have been no ample reasons given for the attacks targeting Destiny, but if it was to gain attention and notoriety then Lizard Squad definitely achieved that goal. What makes this worse is that Destiny is an MMO, so you'll have to bide your time until the servers become more stable to get back into the action.

No estimated time has been given for the return-date of The Escapist forum. Many gamers had been using it as a central meeting ground to discuss some important issues taking place within gaming at the moment given the widespread censorship happening across the web.

It's highly unlikely that the Lizard Squad would want to damage The Escapist, but it's hard to tell what their motivations are. Originally many thought they had been caught after the FBI were alerted about the bomb threats during the PSN and DDoS attacks. However, these latest attacks seem to show that the hacking group are still up to their old tricks and are still attempting to disrupt the ecosystem of video games.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.