Destiny Has Gone Gold

Bungie's upcoming first-person shooter is nearing release and the game is just a few weeks out from landing on a retail shelf near you. The company made it known in a recent update that the development on the game is done and finished and the gold master disc is off to get pressed for a production run so that Destiny will be ready for purchase come September 9th.

GameSpot spotted the update over on Bungie's official website where the weekly update was rolled out by David "DeeJ" Dague, who took to the public forum and stated that...

"Destiny is done, in some respects. Even now, so close to the end, it still feels like we’re just getting started," … "How we’ll keep things lively on the frontier is a longer conversation – the sort of thing you could base an entire discussion around – a conversation that we hope is long and fruitful and just getting started in its own right."

The reason the statements are framed like that is because Destiny is an MMO – an MMO that lives or dies based on how frequently it's updated and whether or not it can maintain user engagement enough to make the endeavor profitable beyond its release window; a problem that Blizzard encountered with the PC version of Diablo III that they tried to pass off as an MMO with the inclusion of the RMAH.

Thankfully, Blizzard wised up after all the backlash and the DAU decline that Diablo suffered on PC, with the company opting to shutdown the auction houses altogether.

In the case of Destiny, it's likely going to be one of those games where it will need consistent and frequent cooperative campaigns and missions to help keep the replay intact and bustling, otherwise gamers will get bored and move on, similar to the way they did with Titanfall.

Of course, Bungie has a few more things working in their favor with Destiny over Respawn's Titanfall. For one, the game has an expansive marketing budget that expands both new-gen and old-gen consoles. Secondl Destiny actually has some form of a single-player so players aren't always engaged in team deathmatch – of course, there's an option available in Destiny to enable players to engage in some PvP action with the Crucible. Third, you get to explore more than just small 6 vs 6 maps that look like graduated designs from the latest Call of Duty game. Quests, vehicles and multiple environments to adventure throughout could help Destiny in the long game, as far as user engagement goes.

Whether or not Bungie's title will have legs to stand on for a distance is completely up in the air. For now the game has garnered a ton of hype heading into its September 9th release, utilizing some fancy buzzwords that have won over tons of gamers and gaming media alike.

If you aren't convinced maybe you can check out the launch trailer to see if the game fits your tastes. If you are convinced, well then all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait another few weeks as Destiny sets to arrive for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and the PS4 next month.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.