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Diablo III Patch 2.4.0 Removes Seasonal Legendaries

One of the new features of Diablo 3's patch 2.4.0 is actually the removal of a feature: the removal of seasonal Legendaries. The announcement was tucked away in the changelog for the announcement that version 2.4.0 moved into the public test phase. And now word is spreading that the seasonal Legendaries are no longer in the game.

Massively OP did a slightly more thorough write-up on the changes made to Diablo 3 in patch 2.4.0 involving the seasonal Legendaries. The removal of the Legendary items comes with the replacement with six-piece Legendary equipment for everyone, not just those who unlock the seasonal content.

In the changelog there was a long roll out of information on the new and different sets that Blizzard implemented into the game to help give gamers more versatility and opportunities for equipping the different characters with Legendary items.

The six-piece armor sets were definitely a hot topic when Blizzard made the announcement over on the Diablo 3 website. A lot of people may have skipped over or missed that the seasonal Legendary items that they previously rolled out would be removed.

Previously, players would have to make progress toward unlocking the Legendaries throughout the season. This gave hardcore gamers something to unlock and work toward throughout the season that many other players would forgo. It gave Diablo 3 a little bit of something special during the season. In addition to the Legendary items, players also were able to unlock rare and special gifts along the way.

On the upside, there are still new seasonal exclusives that are added to each season, with season 5 being no exception to the rule. Each new season for Diablo 3 will last around three months, giving gamers plenty of time to unlock all of the new gear introduced in the season. New cosmetics being added each season also give players an opportunity to deck their character out with some new equipment that other players may miss due to not grinding out the seasonal content.

So far there doesn't seem to be much issue with the removal of seasonal Legendaries. There was a lot more discussion about the game's six-piece armor sets being implemented into patch 2.4.0.

Diablo 3 has really taken a turn around compared to what it was when it launched back in 2012. It's amazing now to think that people are generally just focused on what's fun and interesting in the game, as opposed to worrying too much about all the other issues that once plagued the game before. Unfortunately, the game is still always-on (on PC anyway) so you'll still have to stay logged in online if you want to play the game.

Console gamers get it a bit easier with Blizzard's title, as they're able to play the game offline without having to stay connected online at all times.

Talk about the always-on DRM for Diablo 3 faded away after the Reapers of Souls expansion launched, reinvigorating the game's player-base and resulting in Blizzard receiving a lot of positive feedback for the expansion. Since then they've been focusing on seasonal content for Diablo 3 and that has continued to keep the player-base entertained and excited about the content. Despite the removal of seasonal Legendaries, the six-piece Legendary sets will likely be enough to make up for the change.

Will Usher

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