If you want to see in-game footage from Elder Scrolls Online, you don't need to get into the beta. A tester uploaded twenty minutes of continuous gameplay footage of the MMORPG to YouTube.

The footage starts at character creation and shows some early level questing. As such, it's not very exciting. The player (a mage) kills some rats aboard a ship, then swims to the town of Port Hunding to fry some other critters.

Eventually, though, things get a bit more interesting. The player picks up some quests for the surrounding region and sets off to find adventure. Along the way, we find out that the quest-givers have voiced dialogue like Star Wars: The Old Republic. We also get quick glimpses at guild and achievement interfaces.

If you're looking for a reason that Elder Scrolls Online stands out from other medieval fantasy MMO's, you probably won't find it in this video. It looks like a very run-of-the-mill MMO. On the other hand, there's no glaring flaws with the game either.

Beta sign-ups for ESO were opened up in January. Invites began going out last month. ZeniMax will continue to send out more over time, so sign up at the official website if you're interested.

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