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A couple of new games have launched on Steam's Greenlight service, giving gamers a chance to scope out and vote for some noteworthy new indie games deserving of a bit of attention and a little bit of loving.

There are three specific games currently on Greenlight at the moment that seem as if they could be shown some more media promotion than what they've received. If you haven't already given them a few moments of your time, the following games are certainly worth checking out, if not for the sake of their novelty, at least for a few unique features they bring to the table of 3D interactivity.

Ether One
This is the new game from White Paper Games. It's set for release on March 25th and it's another one of those first-person mind-benders. However, this isn't another Antichamber, where you're left trying to pick up the fragments of your sanity as you stumble through puzzles complex enough to make Stephen Hawking fall over from his brain going numb. The game has a narrative and a story to tell and the puzzles and settings are coherent enough that you're actually able to follow what's going on. Based on what little we've seen and what little info has been made available, I might take a wild stab in the dark and guess that this is like Portal meets Stanley Parable meets Dear Esther, and we can never have enough of those games. If you like the look and feel of Ether One, and you're looking for more immersive adventure titles, feel free to show a bit of support over on the official Steam Greenlight page.

Niko: Through The Dream
This is such a beautiful game. Then again, this is being made on the Unreal Engine, so it's not that hard to get good visuals out of the engine. Studio Paint is making the most out of the UDK, and bringing to life their first-person platforming adventure, Niko: Through The Dream. Now some of you might be comparing this to Ether One, but I can assure you that this game works on a completely different level. Ether One is definitely more narrative-oriented and coherent – if such a description could be used. Niko is a lot more whimsical and airy, with the open-sky-style platforming and exploration. There's a hint of Naissancee in Niko, but I tend to think that the game's admission to being coalesced with a dream makes it easier to digest. I like the look and the floaty feel of the game... as if you were traversing through a dream, eh? You can learn more about Niko: Through The Dream or upvoting the title by paying a visit to the official Steam Greenlight page.

3D Paraglider
KTOS Games 3D paraglider simulator, appropriately named 3D Paraglider, is making waves on Steam's Greenlight. It's a basic paragliding simulator with open-worlds to traverse, mountainsides to glide over, waters to look upon and clouds to gaze at. It's a paragliding simulator. Now, if you were hoping this was like Goat Simulator, you're kind of out of luck. Unfortunately, 3D Paraglider is a lot more grouded, and sadly, realistic. The game sports the option to do tricks, play around with some customization features and basically just relax and para-glide. You can check out more info on the game over on the Steam Greenlight page.
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