The Fine Young Capitalists' IndieGoGo Gets Support From The Last Ship's Adam Baldwin

Renowned movie and television actor Adam Baldwin has decided to openly support a pro-feminist game jam and charity. The charity is being hosted by The Fine Young Capitalists and Baldwin supported them by tweeting to his fans and to the gaming community at large.

The Fine Young Capitalists is the name of a group that originally came together to help get a game jam together where aspiring young female idealists could pitch their concepts for a video game, and then the community could select which one they wanted to see turned into a real project. After a project was voted upon, The Fine Young Capitalists would work with those within the industry to get the game made and out to the public. The rest of the proceeds would go to charity.

Sadly, the original campaign was derailed and shutdown. I can openly say that The Fine Young Capitalists are back up and running after incurring several hack attacks and additional shutdown attempts by detractors. The iron will of those supporting the project refuse to let it die.

The /v/ community from 4chan happened to be the first organized group to support the efforts of The Fine Young Capitalists, donating $5,000 and working with the organizers to create a female game protagonist going by the name of Vivian James, an obvious allusion to “Video Games”.

4chan continued to rally support for The Fine Young Capitalists since major gaming outlets have refused to support the charity that's aiming to help potential female game designers become the next big thing. Smaller sites have been doing their bid to help keep the charity in the news, and Tech Crunch did report on the charity being attacked and hacked, but there hasn't been much of a rally cry around their efforts from major media sources despite a lot of PR being sent out their way and gamers actively trying to get major sites to cover the IndieGoGo campaign.

However, actor Adam Baldwin, who previously worked on Joss Whedon's Firefly and is currently starring on TNT's The Last Ship, decided to help offer his support. Baldwin tweeted the following message.

Unfortunately, that tweet came with a lot of harassment thrown at Baldwin his showing support for The Fine Young Capitalists.

The campaign has been embroiled in an ongoing issue that sees gamers fighting desperately against the current structure of gaming journalism.

Recently, gamers across multiple sites banned together to spread the word about certain conflicts of interest and potential improprieties between journalists and developers taking place at the major outlets by sharing a Reddit thread. This issue grew enough that it caused both Polygon and Kotaku to issue revised statements about their policies regarding their journalists' relationships to the development side of the industry, signaling a small victory for many gamers within the community.

You can learn more about The Fine Young Capitalists and their IndieGoGo campaign by visiting the official campaign page or by visiting their official website.

If you want the full story, or you want to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes, just Google up The Fine Young Capitalists. Better yet, just click on the #GamerGate hashtag in Adam Baldwin's tweet to see what led him to support TFYC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.