Five Nights At Freddy's Developer Is Working On A New Game, Here's What We Know

Scott Cawthon, the maker of the Five Nights at Freddy's series, has made a brief announcement on his website that another game in the expansive horror brand is on the way. The new game doesn't have an official title but is speculated to include something to do with Sister Location.

Game Informer did a quick write-up about the announcement that was made on the official Scott Games website, where there's an image of an animatronic with the tagline “There was never just one.”

Even though Five Nights at Freddy's 4 was supposed to be the final game in the series, Cawthon followed it up with the 16-bit inspired RPG Five Nights at Freddy's World, and now it appears there's another game in the works. The image in the background of the site appears to showcase a smiling animatronic face with rosy cheeks and large eyes; beyond that I have no idea what the actual puppet is supposed to be.

While details on the site are practically nil, and there's no further information on this new entry in the Five Nights at Freddy's series, you can always count on die-hard fans and eager gamers to dig deep, real deep, into the little tidbits of information out there.

Over on the /r/Games/ Reddit thread for Scott's announcement of this new Five Nights at Freddy's game, user FNAFNovelSpoilers explains why this announcement was made in the way that it was. Stating...

It wasn't meant to be like this. An image was on Scott's website, slowly revealing a letter of the game's title every 2 weeks, which would've led to the game being announced towards the end of the year.Scott was forced to announce this game nearly 5 months earlier because someone dug through the image in Notepad++ and found this. At that point it was very obvious what the game will be.

He links to a photo on imgur that highlights where in the code the users found out that a new Five Nights at Freddy's was in the works, through Notepad++. It's some impressive digging.

The post further states that the game was likely scheduled to be released this upcoming October, in between the time of the first and second game's release.

The entire franchise has become a financial phenomenon for Scott Cawthon, and has even led to the rights being sold to a Hollywood studio for a live-action motion picture based on the animatronic horror game.

The series itself has garnered quite the fan-following, a large part of that is due to the fact that the games are played religiously by some of the top YouTube content creators out there. But the crazy part about it is that it's not just a game people like watching other people play, it's turned into something people actually like to buy and play for themselves. In fact, according to Steam Spy the series has moved more than 1.6 million copies of Five Nights at Freddy's since debuting back in 2014. It's really impressive to have started as an indie project made by one guy on a shoestring budget.

As for the upcoming Sister Location, we'll likely have to wait a while before we learn more about the game or if the October release will be its official release window. For now, gamers can rest easy knowing that a new game in the series is on the way.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.