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iFruit, the companion mobile app to Grand Theft Auto V, is now available for Android devices. The free app allows you to check in on Los Santos while you're out of the game.

You can use the app to place orders through Los Santos Customs. You can build personalized vehicles for the three main characters of GTA V's campaign as well as your GTA Online persona. You can choose cosmetic details like paint jobs, spoilers, and smoke colors. Also, you can apply important upgrades such as body armor or bulletproof tires. The upgrades you purchase for Franklin's car are free through the app so there's definite incentive to use iFruit.

The parody social networking site LifeInvader from GTA 5 can be accessed through iFruit as well. Through this page, you can read up about the colorful citizens and businesses of Los Santos. By following certain companies in the app, you can receive in-game discounts.

iFruit also lets you play with Chop, Franklin's canine sidekick in GTA 5. Players must feed, pet and play with the dog in order to keep his happiness up. You'll get push notifications on your phone when he's in need of additional attention. By keeping him happy in the app, you'll ensure that he's more helpful within GTA 5. For example, he'll find hidden items for you while you're taking him for a walk. You can also unlock new collars or tricks for him through the app.

Rockstar envisions iFruit as an all-in-one platform for their other mobile offerings as well. You can use it to access the mobile versions of GTA III, Vice City or Max Payne. You can also log into the Rockstar Games Social Club or read up on GTA 5 news. Presumably they'll expand the app with additional features over time as well.

iFruit was released on iOS devices right before GTA V's launch. You can download it through the App Store here.

Rockstar has a lot of additional GTA V extras to share this fall. They plan to release the first DLC pack in early November and give players free cash at around the same time.. The content creator for GTA Online will be arriving by the end of the year.

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