This Game Let's You Simulate Being A YouTube Star

We may have hit maximum meta, folks, as U-Play Online announces the launch of Youtubers Life, a game that lets you pretend you’re a popular YouTube broadcaster. If someone becomes a YouTube personality off of streaming this game, the internet will literally fold in on itself, swallowing all of existence along with it. So, yeah, here’s a trailer.

If there’s one thing I know about life, it’s that the next best thing to living it is playing a simulation of it. Want to see what it’s like to run a farm? Try out Farming Simulator. Curious what driving a bus for a living is like? Dive into Bus Simulator. Wanna be a goat? Goat Simulator has your back…Kind of.

Anyway, that’s the idea behind U-Play Online’s latest offering, Youtubers Life, which is now available through Steam for both PC and Mac.

To start off, you’ll create your own character by choosing from a variety of clothing and hair styles, a personality and then, finally, the type of channel you want to run.

From there, you’ll be plopped down into a room with everything you need to build your chosen channel. The bedroom on display in the trailer shows a kid playing a bunch of video games. In other words, you can now stream yourself playing a game about a virtual version of yourself who is streaming themselves playing a game. I’m pretty sure this was going to be the plot of the Inception sequel.

Next, the youngster in the trailer goes on to get really good at gaming, pwnz n00bz in the arcade, wins awards for how good they are at gaming and then gets interviewed by folks at an event that looks a heck of a lot like E3.

This, of course, leads the player to discovering their soulmate, who they invite to join them in their rad new home where they start streaming games together. Speaking from experience, this is exactly how that particular chain of events plays out in real life.

Other streaming careers on display here are playing music, cooking and exercising. The next thing you know, all of these streamers are calling each other on the phone and setting up wild parties on yachts. From there, it looks like they all move into the same house where they can share resources and become the world’s most successful streaming group. Again, speaking from experience, this all checks out.

Unfortunately, not much in the line of actual gameplay is shown here, so we’re not entirely sure what you’ll actually be doing while playing Youtubers Life. If you’ve given it a gander yourself, please fill us all in through the comments section below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.