Subscribe To Gauntlet Gameplay Video Released While Game Gets Delayed Updates

New details have been revealed for the upcoming co-op title from Warner Bros. Games and Arrowhead Game Studios with a walkthrough gameplay trailer and a bit of news about the the slight delay for the game.

Joystiq spotted the press release from Warner Bros., indicating that the original September 3rd release date would have to be scrapped and pushed back. So what's the new date? September 23rd.

What was the reason for the delay? Well, according to the press release it was due to needing the extra time to polish up and fix some things in the game before it released. This was followed by a bit of a “thank you” and comments about reassuring gamers about support for emerging platforms, with Warner Bros noting...
“Gauntlet ™ [sic] is still set to arrive on Steam for Windows® [sic] PC and will offer full support for SteamOS and the upcoming Steam Machines in 2015. As a thank you for all fans who pre-ordered the game, WBIE has added a special in-game item as a bonus: The Spawn of Kerthull, a special Wizard's Robe made from dead imps, who are children of the greater demon, Kerthull.”

It's interesting that a larger publisher would be so all-in on Linux and the SteamOS platform. They're showing a heck of a lot of faith in a platform that's still very much a mystery in terms of performance, long term support and library breadth from a wide variety of publishers.

Then again, maybe Warner Bros., has a lot of faith in Valve and believes that they can deliver once the Steam Machines and the SteamOS officially launch in 2015.

As for Gauntlet, the game will be making a big showing at this year's PAX Prime, where a live-stream of the event will take place over the course of four days, with various celebrities and gaming personalities going head-to-head in a Gauntlet tournament. Some of the individuals participating in the event includes Jessica Chobot from Nerdist, Joe Vargas from the Angry Joe Show, IGN's Game Over Greg Miller, YouTuber Jesse Cox as well as Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, the founders of Penny Arcade and the Penny Arcade trade shows.

The game itself is a new-school throwback to an age-old classic, just as it's indicated in the video above.

Players will be able to join forces either in local co-op or via online play. This means you can grab a friend or two and invite them over to play at your rig or you can grab some buddies from your Steam friends list and battle the forces of evil online.

You can look for the game to become available for $19.99. You can learn more about the game over on the official website.

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