It's here... the official launch trailer for Goat Simulator. The epic sandbox game from Coffee Stain Studios is nearing release, and they've gone out of their way to ensure that people know that the goat is coming, and it's not holding anything back.

The launch trailer is a masterpiece of visual delight. There's this strong sense of direction going on where at first you're not sure what you're looking at or why, but then it all starts to come together with that amazing piano track and all those slow motion clips of the goat being uber. I mean there are flaming people and broken glass everywhere and cars flinging the goat about and all sorts of physics-based destruction. It's beautiful, beautiful mayhem.

Heck, Goat Simulator is like the crack-child of Garry's Mod on steroids.

All the ridiculous over-the-top moments gamers could ever want from an unchained goat is brought to life in Goat Simulator, exactly the way many gamers envisioned it right from the start.

In fact, one user going by the handle of TheAughtSpectrum, wrote on Reddit that...
“This is great. I recently asked my 3 year old nephew what he wants to be when grows up and he said "a goat". I'm glad to see he has some great influences coming out to guide him on his path. His goat path.”

Oh that's just beautiful... so beautiful.

We need more kids looking up to positive influences from the gaming community, and a physically destructive goat with a loose tongue and wobbly eyes is one of the best that interactive entertainment has to offer. Forget Pajama Sam and Freddy Fish, “The Goat” is the new child hero of today's digitally-entrenched youth society.

Some gamers believe that this could be the resurgence of the goat movement that's needed to replace all those over-done and overwrought zombie games. No complaints here.

I mean, can you imagine all the different kind of goat games that publishers could make? Call of the Goat: Domestic Warfare. Battlegoat 5: The Breedening. Assassin Goats: Feral Cry. Hitgoat 6: The Reckoning. Goat of Honor: Milk-Fighter. One of my most anticiapted is Goat Fighter VI: Ultra-Hyper Tournament Cheese Edition.

Goat Simulator is coming soon to a Steam near you. If the game has your fancy tickled so much that you can't stop throwing money at your monitor, feel free to learn more by paying a kind visit to the official website.

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