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Grimlands To Support Linux, Mac

Drago Entertainment let loose a brand new developer diary covering the game's crafting system and vehicles. Those of you familiar with the crafting setup of a game like Fallen Earth will be right at home with Grimlands' crafting system. The vehicles are also primed and designed for war and support multiple players for maximum damage.

Grimlands is a post apocalyptic action game that puts players in a war-torn world where they fight for survival, form gangs, battle gangs, take over towns and generally blast the crap out of anyone who glares at you with bad intentions.

However, in addition to the developer diary about vehicles and crafting, Drago had a few more interesting things to post about platform diversity, with Lucjan Mikociak saying...

"We always planned to bring Grimlands to more platforms besides the Windows PC", "but the amount of requests from the Mac- and Linux communities has convinced us to make these versions happen in 2013. And there are even more versions planned down the road."

More versions down the road? Wait...consoles? Probably not, unless they're aiming for the developer friendly PlayStation 4? But, I can definitely see some companion mobile apps in the workings, that seems to be the go-to solution for these kind of things.

While I'm hopeful that Grimlands gets funded, it's not really on the map as a game that has a lot of people excited about the project. Still, you can contribute to the project or learn more by visiting the official Kickstarter page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.