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Bethesda updated the mobile Fallout Shelter with a list of new features, including brand new crafting mechanics, new pets, new rooms and plenty of weapon and armor choices. You can outfit the inhabits of your vault with the best post-apocalyptic gear that bottle caps can buy.

Game Informer did a really quick rundown of the features, including the ability to turn worthless junk into items that can be crafted. The are brand new rooms that can be built, including a Weapon and Armor room where new weapons can be crafted to help your settlers fend off invaders from attacking the shelter, as well as new armor to help protect them from incoming attacks.

Lunchboxes have been upgraded to include a fifth random card now... junk. I imagine this ties into the first part with being able to turn junk into other items by crafting them into new gear. It's also possible to scavenge junk while out and about on an adventure.

Brand new customization options have been implemented in the form of the Barbershop room. This allows players to send the vault dwellers into the barber chair and pick up a brand new look, from new hairstyles to new kinds of facial hair.

But what good is a brand new hairstyle without brand new digs? The Fallout Shelter update also contains some new clothes that come right out of Fallout 4. It's now possible to find clothes from the latest Fallout game from the lunchboxes or you can use the Armor room to craft the clothes from the popular open-world RPG.

Another feature that some fans might thoroughly enjoy are the new pets. There are now dogs and cats that can roam around in the vault, along with parrots. A pet bonus stat has also been implemented.

They also fixed the time of day to better reflect more accurately during play. The update is pretty hefty and it's something fans have likely been longing for.

According to the post over on Bethesda's website, Fallout Shelter has become the third-highest grossing game app on the iTunes app store. It even managed to beat Candy Crush in the sales department at one point, which is no easy feat.

Bethesda really hit a rock-solid bit of success with Fallout Shelter and they used it as a lead-in for the launch of Fallout 4 last year. They've managed to intertwine the two by adding some features and characters from Fallout 4 into Fallout Shelter, just to give die-hard fans something to chew on as they bounce back and forth between playing both games.

The free-to-play mobile app is very highly rated and currently available right now for both Apple and Android devices. The update is one of many that has added tons of new content to the game, from the new Survival Mode, pets and crafting rooms, to additional characters, cloud support and much more. Update 1.4 is set to go live for everyone no later than by the end of the week.

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