Horror Game The Park Presents Every Mother's Worst Nightmare

Horror game The Park was originally released onto PC back in October of last year and has earned overly positive reviews on Steam. And now, developer Funcom has announced that the creepy horror title will finally be coming to consoles. 

In The Park, you play as a mother who has lost her child somewhere in a creepy amusement park. Your ultimate goal is, of course, to find the child and get the heck out of the park. Check out the trailer below.

It’s no secret that there’s a certain kind of uneasiness that resides in a theme park, from the overly-animated clowns to the dark corners of the funhouse. The Park takes that idea and runs away with it, creating this horrifying setting riddled with everyone’s worst nightmare.  Silent Hill played around with the idea of a terrifying theme park, and it was called Lakeside Amusement Park. You might even remember Pyramid Head controlling the carousel in the second Silent Hill feature film. There’s also an abandoned theme park in Chernobyl called Pripyat Amusement Park and it stands as a symbol of the Chernobyl disaster. I'm also pretty sure there was a Scooby Doo episode that took place at an amusement park after hours. So obviously, amusement parks can easily become the setting of any horror adventure because they can be so damn creepy.

But maybe the most interesting aspect of this game is the subject matter: a mother loses her child in an unsettling amusement park. Not only is it every mother’s worst fear to lose track of her child, but to do so in a seemingly abandoned amusement park? That’s 100 times worse. Plus, when you've got psycho clowns running amok and who knows what else hiding out in the shadows, it's definitely not a place you want to be alone. I haven't seen too many horror games correctly and successfullly utilize the amusement park setting, not since Goosebumps' Escape From Horrorland PC game, at least. It's fair to say there was a pretty good amusement park map in the first Left 4 Dead that did it well, where the zombies would follow you onto the tracks of the rollercoaster, but honestly it's not a setting I see too often (in comparison to, say, insane asylums). I'm glad a horror game is finally taking advantage of it. 

The Park will be releasing on to PS4 and Xbox One on May 3. For more information, you can visit Funcom’s official website