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Journey has literally changed the lives of millions of players from around the world, with its philosophical undertones examining the journey of Life. And now, you will be able to hear the soundtrack of Journey played during a live playthrough of the game, thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter for Journey LIVE made double its $5,000 goal in 24 hours and now sits at $11,846 with 29 more days to go. Fifth House Ensemble, along with Journey’s composer Austin Wintory, are teaming up to bring this project to life. The soundtrack for Journey was the first video game soundtrack to ever be nominated for a Grammy, making it one of the most impactful video game soundtracks out there. To see it played live would be a life-changing treat for any hardcore video game fan.

If you decide to back the project, there are some extremely enticing rewards including tickets to Journey LIVE in Boca Raton and Chicago, a Skype session with Austin Wintory and Journey creator Jenova Chen, and Journey’s soundtrack on vinyl. Unfortunately, the amazing $1500 opportunity to attend the studio recording session for the upcoming title, ABZÛ, with Austin Wintory in an undisclosed location has already been taken. And it doesn’t matter whether you spend $30 or $250, all of the rewards cater to true Journey fans in some special way.

You might remember a similar circumstance when The Legend Of Zelda received a live orchestral playthrough. How it works is while someone physically plays through the game on a console in front of a live audience, an orchestra plays the game’s music rather than the music coming from the game. Below is an example of The Legend Of Zelda orchestral playthrough.

When I first played Journey, I went in not expecting much of anything, not really understanding what people saw in the game. But when I first experienced it, Journey left me in tears at the end—and I’m not much of a crier. Journey inhabits this really beautiful balance between unique and simple gameplay, emotionally-charged string melodies and a mystical art style. And all of these elements know just how to poke you.

As of right now, Journey LIVE is set to play in Chicago, Boca Raton, Springfield and National Harbor, but Austin Wintory did confirm on Twitter that they are working to add more cities.

Journey LIVE will be kicking off at MAGFest in National Harbor, Maryland on February 20. To back the project, you can visit the project’s Kickstarter page.