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League of Legends' roster of playable characters just expanded by one. Tahm Kench the River King is now available for purchase.

Tahm Kench is a well-dressed aquatic creature that loves eating minions and champions alike. He can actually swallow his allies to aid them as well.

Passive: Tahm Kench applies a stack of An Acquired Taste to all enemy champions he hits with basic attacks or damaging abilities. Once he’s applied three stacks, he can interact with them… differently.

Q: Tongue Lash - Tahm Kench roots himself briefly while launching his tongue in a target direction. Tongue Lash stops once it hits a target, damaging and slowing whatever he hits. If Tahm Kench slathers an enemy champion with three stacks of An Acquired Taste then hits them with Tongue Lash, he stuns them instead.

W: Devour - Tahm Kench briefly swallows a nearby targeted unit. Enemies suffer a portion of their max health as magic damage. In addition:
  • Minions and monsters: Once Tahm Kench Devours an enemy minion or monster, he can reactivate the ability to spit them out in a target direction. They deal damage to whoever they hit.
  • Allied Champions: When Tahm Kench devours an allied champion, he renders his ally immune from damage and gains extra movement speed when he heads toward enemy champions. Both Tahm Kench and his edible ally can choose when the latter leaves.
  • Enemy Champions: Tahm Kench can only Devour enemy champions once he’s applied three stacks of An Acquired Taste to them. His movement speed is drastically reduced while enemy champs - who suffer greatly reduced vision and can only see things immediately around the River King - are in his belly.
E: Thick Skin - Passive: All damage Tahm Kench takes is turned into grey health. Once he leaves combat, the grey health falls off, healing him for a portion of the amount of grey health he’s earned.
Active: Tahm Kench converts his grey health into a shield that quickly falls off.

R: Abyssal Voyage - Passive: All of Tahm Kench’s damage scales with his maximum health.
Active: Tahm Kench opens his maw, offering an ally a spot inside his belly. Once they jump in, or once Tahm Kench decides he’s diving solo, he starts channeling, conjuring a whirlpool beneath him before diving in, reappearing a few seconds later at his target location. Abyssal Voyage has a huge range, but the ability is pretty well telegraphed by its lengthy cast.

Riot Games intends Tahm Kench as a top laner or a support on Summoner's Rift. He's tanky enough to take some abuse in a 1v1 lane and heal up. If paired up with a marksman, he can slow their targets or spirit his ally away when his health drops. Later in the game, he can use his ultimate to help with ganks or taking objectives. In a teamfight, he can use Devour to rescue an important ally or neutralize a heavy-hitting enemy.

Tahm Kench can be purchased now for 975 RP or 7800 IP. After the first week, he'll drop to 6300 IP just like other new releases. You can buy him and his alternative Master Chef skin together for 1462 RP until 23:59 PM PDT on July 13.

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