Lego Group announced today that a new game for the DS is on the way called Lego Ninjago, a ninja-based Lego experience. In addition to the new game coming out for the DS the Lego Group also announced that Ninjago Lego pieces and parts are now available inside the MMOG, Lego Universe, as well as a new zone called Crux Prime.

As stated in the press release…
In Crux Prime, players must seek out Sensei Wu among the ruins of the Ninjago Monastery to learn the secrets to the powerful skill of Spinjitzu. Nefarious Maelstrom Skeletons are attempting to steal the beam of Imagination protected within Crux Prime’s Nexus Tower, and only by spinning in a tornado of pure Imagination can players defeat these bony villains.

There are over 100 pieces of gear, weapons, equipment and parts to unlock, equip, acquire and farm in the game, all of which accompanies 100 brand new missions in Lego Universe.

You can learn more about the new DS game and the new zones, pieces, parts and quests in Lego Universe by visiting the Official Website.

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