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Electronic Arts and DICE have confirmed that there will be plenty of new DLC coming to Star Wars: Battlefront but it won't be featuring any characters or locations from the recently released Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Gamespot is reporting that users were asking Electronic Arts about The Force Awakens DLC possibly making an appearance in the recently released Star Wars: Battlefront. Electronic Arts did respond through the official EA Star Wars Twitter account with the following message for fans hoping to maybe see Rey, Kylo Ren or Finn as playable heroes in the upcoming Season Pass DLC.

The response doesn't rule out that EA and DICE could release some Force Awakens gameplay in the future, but just don't expect it in this iteration of Star Wars: Battlefront. This may be because they signed a license deal with Disney, having access to some material but not others. Or the developers may only be focusing on the Galactic Empire era of content, with the exception of the Battle of Jakku, for this title. Perhaps Star Wars: Battlefront 2 could be centered around the contents of Episode VII (or by the time the next game comes out it'll likely be Star Wars: Episode VIII prepping to release in theaters).

In the near future, Electronic Arts and DICE already have a ton of content slated for release, including 20 brand new items, accessories and weapons, four new game modes, 16 new multiplayer maps, and four new heroes all expected to release periodically as part of the game's season pass package. Of course, gamers can purchase the DLC packs individually as well.

The season pass originally gained EA some heat given that it costs $50, while the full game costs $60. What made the pass so controversial was that the team behind Battlefront were selling it and no one had any idea, at the original time of its announcement, what would be in the season pass for Star Wars: Battlefront. The limited collector's edition of the game cost $120 and $50 of that went toward the previously super mysterious season pass.

EA eventually revealed the details of the season pass after reviewer and popular YouTuber “Angry” Joe Vargas challenged them in an unapologetic video about paying $120 for a version of the game where gamers don't even know what nearly half of that content consists of.

Of course, EA and DICE have already commented about being committed to sequels of Star Wars: Battlefront. So even though a lot of the heroes, maps and content featured in the newest J.J. Abrams' flick may not be in EA and DICE's multiplayer shooter title, expect to see said content in future installments of Battlefront. Of course, you'll likely have to wait a few years for that to happen.