Marvel Heroes Gets Forge Of Asgard Update, Mac Beta Soon

Marvel Heroes is set to get just a bit more heroic as the “Forge of Asgard” update finally arrives. Additionally, the game is finally coming to Mac, so look for some closed beta testing to begin later this month for those of you looking to take control of the galaxy’s mightiest heroes on the iPuter.

For those unfamiliar with this free-to-play action MMO, Marvel Heroes features dozens of characters from the Marvel universe including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine and Hulk, as well as an epic story set across the Earth and reaching as far away as, well, the home of the Norse gods.

Additional heroes can be unlocked simply by playing the game or purchased in advance with real world money. Your characters can then be further customized through an extensive leveling system featuring power trees, item drops and even a crafting system. And then there are those costumes plucked from 70 years’ worth of Marvel comics, movies and TV shows.

You’re able to freely swap between your favorite characters, making it extremely easy to bring the right combination of powers to the fight. Players can take on quests, team up with other heroes and basically smash to their heart’s content.

With update 2.2, better known as Forge of Asgard, Marvel Heroes is bolting on even more depth to the item and character customization options with a brand new Asgardian-themed crafting system.

“Players can combine up to five Runes with Uru-Forged items to create more potent items that confer exceptional powers to their superhero of choice,” reads the official launch announcement. This includes the ability to turn invisible, heal at the press of a button, grow to the size of a Frost Giant and more. And when it comes to superheroes, more powers are always a good thing.

As for you Mac gamers who have been waiting patiently for your chance to dawn some spandex and get to clobbering, Marvel Heroes is finally coming to Mac. As a matter of fact, closed beta testing begins in late February, meaning your first romp with legends of the Marvel universe could be just over the horizon.

“We’ve always wanted to release on Mac and we’re proud to announce our closed beta testing,” said Gazillion CEO David Brevik. “Marvel Heroes continues to grow and improve at an astounding rate. Giving Mac players an opportunity to suit up and save the world is a good next step for us and one we’re happy to take.”

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.