Gazillion Entertainment is gearing up to make the most heroic free-to-play MMO even more, um, heroic, with Marvel Heroes Update 2.0, including new locations, new characters, story events, items to discover and more.

In case you’ve already managed to plow through all of the content available in Marvel Heroes--leveling up all of your favorite Marvel universe heroes and villains, exploring every cranny of the digital universe and clobbering all sorts of baddies through the game’s campaign—you’ll be happy to learn that even more content is heading down the pipeline in the form of Update 2.0, also known as the Asgard update.

Just in time to ride the hype wave started over the weekend with the premiere of Thor 2: The Dark World in theaters, Marvel’s online presence is getting a godly dose of new goodies for players to experience, beefing up the free-to-play action MMORPG with more new content than you can shake a massive hammer at.

Marvel Heroes is now taking players to the land of the Norse gods in the game’s biggest content update yet,” reads a statement from Gazillion Entertainment announcing the impending release of the Asgard update. “This massive update ushers in a new era for Marvel Heroes players, allowing them to play, for the first time, as the infamous Marvel character and brother of Thor: Loki. In addition to taking control of Loki’s sorcerous powers, players will experience new enemies, new items, new crafting recipes, new zones and more.”

For those unfamiliar with Marvel Heroes, the game features 26 of the Marvel universe’s most legendary heroes, all of which you can control and swap between on the fly while taking on missions, collecting loot and smashing bad guys within your favorite comic book locations. Characters can be customized with costumes spanning more than 70 years’ worth of comic book history, with loads of upgrades and gear available to make your characters better than ever. Everything can be unlocked simply by playing the game, or you can drop a few bucks here and there to speed up the process.

Just like the rest of the game, the Asgard content will be free of charge. And what, exactly, will you be getting for those zero dollars? The answer is a bunch of new content. As stated above, Loki will be available as a playable character, making him the first villain to join the game’s roster.

The realm of Asgard is also included, offering up new zones to explore, missions to take on and enemies to face. The new area also comes with some new story content, boasting motion comics and fully voiced story sequences.

Finally, the regular game will be updated with a more fleshed out roster of starting characters, and all sorts of new rings, Legendary items and the like will be available to equip to your favorite heroes.

Ready to dive in? Then head on over to the official Marvel Heroes website and get started. Spandex jumpsuit encouraged, but not required.
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