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Marvel Heroes Release Date Set For June

The official release date for Marvel Heroes has been set for June 4th. David Brevik's return to the ARPG genre after Diablo II has garnered a lot of buzz lately and should prove to be an interesting venture, especially given that a lot of gamers are looking for a good action RPG.

The game is an MMO but also a story-driven RPG, giving gamers a lot of leeway in how they build their character and shape the experience of their online gaming exploits. There's a bit of an old-school approach to the way the game allows players to unlock and unleash new content for the game, enabling players to gain access to new costume parts, new character abilities and new characters just by playing the game, similar to how Diablo III's original design was supposed to be.

There are various founder packs available for pre-order as well, each one granting users with more and more access to the game's content. They range from $19.99 to $199.99, with each tier granting users additional access to costumes, characters, bonus experience and in-game currency.

You can look for Marvel Heroes to launch on PC on June 4th. For more information you can visit the game's Official Website now that closed beta sessions are coming to a close. If you want a game that isn't just a World of Warcraft clone, Marvel Heroes may not be a bad route to go.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.