Extree! Extree! Read all about it! Atlus announces Nov. 20 will be the U.S. release date for Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita. Repeat, Japan’s number one selling Vita game heads Stateside in just two months! Read all about it!

Unlike the PSP version of Persona 3, the Vita’s game discs can easily handle all of the content from the original game with some room to spare. Rather than being trimmed, this newest version of P4 will instead feature graphical upgrades and all new content, perfect for newcomers to the series or Persona vets who want to experience the series’ latest title with some additional bells and whistles.

In a game that already lasts the average player around 60-100 hours to complete, Atlus’ Aram Jabbari recently visited the PlayStation Blog to drop off some details about the Persona 4 Golden upgrades. For starters, players can now sneak out at night, get night time jobs, take advantage of new difficulty settings and speed through cutscenes and conversations (though you might want to ignore that one until your second playthrough). Load times are now “ridiculously fast,” and the fishing mini-game has seen an upgrade.

You can check out the linked blog post for additional details, a link to a video walkthrough with IGN, as well as details for those who still want to get in a pre-order before the Nov. 20 release date.

And one final detail: You’ll be able to pick up Persona 4 Golden either at stores or as a full digital download. Options!

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