Red Bull wrapped up their eSports series for the season with a pretty cool video that clocks in at around 10 minutes. I repeatedly mention that I have no knowledge of StarCraft II's gameplay and I'm not familiar with the ludology that surrounds the franchise. Nevertheless, you don't have to be a fan of StarCraft to understand what happens in the video and to appreciate the atmosphere of the tournament.

The video is very well paced and very well done and gives gamers – whether you're a fan or not – a cool look at the lead-up to the grand finals of Red Bull's Battle Grounds.

The crowd was absolutely ecstatic for the semi-finals match where four of the top players in the world came together to duke it out. It was such an electrifying event, especially the way the content producers managed to capture the whole thing.

One of the big turning points of the video was the follow-up and lead-in of Scarlett's matches, where the crowd was really behind the Canadian StarCraft Crippler. Sadly, Scarlett wasn't able to overcome the 2013 world champion, SoS. The match was intense but favored the reigning champ.

Things really heated up when the previous year's champion, PartinG, stepped up to the plate to face off against the new world champion, SoS. Things got off to a quick start with PartinG giving the current champ no room to breathe. Things eventually fell back in favor of SoS, as he taught the old-timer a thing or two about the ways of new-school. But then, things took a real turn and followed the old proverb: “You can't beat a classic”

PartinG showed that he wasn't an old (young) man to be trifled with, and prompted to open a can of old-school whoop-arse on SoS. The old-timer beat the youngin' like he stole a dollar from an old lady's purse and then used it to buy sweets from a guy who regularly steals candy from a babies.

PartinG walked away as the Red Bull Battle Grounds champion and did so with a big enough ego to make some of the personalities from EVO, such as Chris G and Filipino Champ, look humble by comparison.

This startling victory and finale of Red Bull's eSports series, for now, sets things up for 2014's competitive eSports scene quite nicely. I'm thoroughly curious to see who steps up to the plate and challenges PartinG for the crown.

For now, if you think that he won by a fluke or that you think you can best him in a round or two of StarCraft, feel free to start training now so you can be ready to take on some of the world's best in 2014.

You can learn more about the eSports finale from Red Bull by paying a kind visit to the official website.

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