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See Fallout 4 Reimagined As Old School RPG

So what would Fallout 4 look like as an old-school isometric RPG? One concept artist decided to take an opportunity to exercise his skills and design a concept around Fallout 4 looking like a an old-school isometric RPG... just like the first two Fallout games.

Eurogamer picked up the images from artist Chris Bischoff. If the name sounds remotely familiar to a few people it's because Bischoff is the artist behind the Kickstarted game Stasis, which recently released massive praise from the gaming community and appears to be moving through the sales charts with brisk momentum.

Bischoff's designs in the game Stasis are like Dead Space meets Event Horizon with a side order of System Shock and all captured from an isometric view. Bischoff taking Fallout 4 and turning it into an isometric RPG basically hearkens back to how the series originally started under the Interplay label when the game was a turn-based, hexagonal action-RPG.

Most of the users in the comment section aptly point out that Fallout 4 as an old-school isometric title is basically just Wasteland 2. It's true... if you made Fallout 4 isometric and added a team-play mechanic it would basically just be like inXile Entertainment's Wasteland 2.

The little project doesn't surprise old-school gamers much and I don't see it as anything more than paying homage to the classic designs that helped define the CRPG sub-genre way back in the day, but it's nothing too out of the ordinary. In fact, I actually think Bischoff's work on Stasis is a bit more striking and memorable than his Fallout 4 interpretation.

Eurogamer also picked out a few other alterations that Bischoff concocted of other games, including isometric concept art for BioShock, BioShock Infinite and even Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag all recreated to look like 2D isometric games similar to Baldur's Gate or the original Fallout games.

If you're looking to play more games with the 2D isometric design, you can check out Stasis from The Brotherhood, whic is available right now over on Steam and

As for Fallout 4... the game is basically finished and being fixed up and finalized by Bethesda as it heads toward its release on home consoles and PC this fall.

The game includes tons of new features and improvements over the third game, including the all new base building features. Some modders have even started working on new gun mods even though the game is still a couple of months out from release.

Bethesda has made it known that the game is content complete and that they're just prepping for the game's final release date this November.

Don't be surprised if one of the first mods coming out of the PC gaming community for Fallout 4 is an isometric camera view that actually makes the game look and play out like the concept image at the top of this article. Heck, it may even be a mod that eventually becomes available for home consoles after the modding scene opens up for the first time in a Fallout game for the Xbox One and PS4.

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