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Everyone is up in arms right now, shouting at the top of their 140 characters to anyone brazen enough to indulge the noise of console wars raging across Twittter, or bold enough to witness the fanboy bloodshed happening throughout Facebook at the moment. Why so much hostility? Well, it's a new generation of consoles on the horizon and Microsoft unleashed the soap-drop prod on some poor saps unlucky enough to have legitimately bought and played their Xbox One units after Target mistakenly sent them out early.

While Microsoft is allegedly only temporarily banning Xbox One owners for using the console before the November 22nd street date, Sony has taken the opposite route to their arch-rival, giving leeway to gamers who happen to gain early access to the PlayStation 4. How novel.

There is a Tweet from Sony's President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, where he main man from Tokyo, Japan had this to say in response to an eager Soninite asking about early access to the PS4...

So elegant, so artfully worded; such textual prestige and literary grace. That kind of romanticist lingo hasn't been used for ages. Are you witnessing how Shuhei managed to avert all that blindingly frantic brand rage, and blossom from it like a blue and black butterfly from a crusty green cocoon, a measure of tranquil calm and serenity? Now that's how you command the English language and turn the tides of flaming anger into fanboy paean.

So let's count the score card here: Microsoft fails with DRM that Sony denies. Score one for Sony.

Microsoft charges for premium apps on top of Xbox Live Gold and Sony does not. Score one for Sony.

Microsoft isn't keen on cross-platform gameplay but Sony is. Score one for Sony.

Microsoft bans people from playing games and consoles before their official street date, but Sony doesn't. Score one for Sony.

Microsoft does have a lot of multimedia support and integrated Kinect features for the Xbox One right out of the gate. Score one for Microsoft.

I don't know, but if I were keeping score, wouldn't it look something like this?

Dang, did someone bring ocean water in here? What's all this watery salty stuff on the ground? Oh wait, it's the broken tears of fanboys lamenting defeat. Don't worry, though, guys, as soon as Microsoft stops banning you for the console you paid $500 for, you'll be able to enjoy games like Battlefield 4, Dead Rising 3 and Call of Duty: Ghosts at glorious native 720p and last-gen's 30fps, only on the Xbox One.

I guess the unicorn that works as an energy generator for the unlimited "power of the cloud" didn't have enough juice to bring the games up to native 1080p. Tough luck.

PS4 gamers who don't have early access to the console won't have to wait long because the official street date for Sony's new console is November 15th.

You can grab yourself the new generation console from your local retailer, assuming there's any left in stock. Just make sure you don't use any $500 bricks to break into your local retailer and steal a PS4... that would be a waste of a good store window.

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