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Star Citizen Trailers Feature Multiplayer Races, Crew Combat, FPS Teaser

In light of Roberts Space Industries hitting the $50 million mark in crowd-funding, the studio released three new video trailers for Star Citizen, one of the most expensive, PC exclusive video game productions in the history of gaming. The three new trailers feature the game's extensive and diverse catalog of gameplay, ranging from the multiplayer crew mechanics to the race mode to the first-person shooter combat.

First up, IncGamers has reported that Star Citizen has managed to cross $50 million. The game now has a higher budget than most average AAA titles, which usually have $20 through $40 million on standard, and peak at around $100 million.

Chris Roberts, the head honcho of the project, had mentioned previously that they wanted to create the most expansive and thorough space simulator ever. The game will sport a bustling, player-driven economy, trading, resource management, star command commerce, space station mingling, bandits, cargo runs, races, sabotage, shooting, exploration and more.

Star Citizen isn't just one of the most ambitious space simulators out there, it's one of the most ambitious video games out there; and it looks gorgeous to boot.

Speaking of races, one of the other trailers released for the game sports the planetary races that players will be able to partake in, featuring futuristic obstacle courses that will challenge players both in skill and in how reliable their ships are for some friendly speed-based competition. Check it out below.

Even if racing or FPS combat isn't your kind of thing, you'll likely find the crew gameplay mechanics somewhat rewarding, if not engaging.

Players with larger space vessels will be able to recruit friends and play across the vast expanse of Star Citizen's massive universe. Each player will have control over various parts of the larger space craft, and you can see how some of it comes together with the four minute video below. Check it out.

The whole airlock sequence was actually pretty awesome. If that happens with different segments of the ship that could really add a lot of tension and engagement levels to the overall experience.

Right now Star Citizen is still going through some heavy phases of development while turning into one of the most highly anticipated games of all time.

Even if you don't have a rig that will be able to play the game, I imagine this will be one of those titles that will be huge on YouTube due to its emergent qualities and unpredictable gameplay nature, mixing in the high-quality graphics we expect from high-end CryEngine titles while offering the dynamic sociological aspects present in games like DayZ and EVE Online. Ambitious sometimes seems like a word that's too small in scale to describe what Cloud Imperium Games and RSI are attempting to accomplish with Star Citizen.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.

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