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State Of Decay Patch Coming Next Week

Xbox Live Arcade zombie adventure State of Decay will be receiving its first title update soon. Developer Undead Labs announced on Thursday night that they've submitted the patch for certification and it should go live next week.

In State of Decay, a mysterious outbreak has turned most people into ravenous zombies. Players control the few remaining humans. They must establish a home base, secure supplies, and fight off zombie attacks.

Title Update 1 aims to correct the sometimes wacky behavior of NPC's. Expect them to get stuck less often during missions. They'll now move to their proper positions in cutscenes. Furthermore, they should interact with your base's amenities more consistently.

One of the interesting aspects of the game is how it continues even after you've quit. Survivors will continue running errands while you're away, and a workshop you started building right before quitting will be finished when you get back. This feature isn't without its flaws; apparently some playable characters were getting themselves killed during this simulation time. That will be fixed with this new patch, though.

Perhaps the biggest fix in this patch regards zombie infestations. Players were being inundated with "Too many infestations!" alerts during the game. Now, these alerts will only occur when there's three or more infestations near your home base.

State of Decay launched two days ago but there's already plenty of people waiting for this patch. Last I checked, there were over 200,000 players on the leaderboards.

The full patch notes for TU1 are below:

NEW: Playable characters can no longer be killed by the simulationWorkshop now repairs weapons and vehicles at game dawn rather than the next real-world day.Reduced cooldown times of commands in the Radio Menu, notably Words of Encouragement, Words of Inspiration, and Medical Advice.NPCs no longer get stuck behind the counter or on the stairs at the gun shop in Spencer's Mill.The "Too many infestations!" event will now only occur when there are too many infestations within 500m of your Home, rather than anywhere in the world.The "Too many infestations" to-do item is now cleared when there are fewer than three infestations within 500m of your Home, rather than anywhere in the world.You must now be close to the ranger station for the Memento mission scene to play. Previously you would be teleported to the station if you left before the end of the mission.Community members will properly interact with Facilities in your home. Previously they would stop after a period of time.Feral zombie now properly dodges vehicles approaching at an angle.NPCs will now reliably reach warehouse between Mt. Tanner and Spencer's Mill when called to gather supplies.You can now punch out through the windshield of a vehicle if both doors are blocked.Zombies and NPCs no longer get stuck behind the grocery store in Marshall.NPCs now properly move to the proper location during cinematic scenes.Zombies no longer fall through floor in the Marshall courthouse.Zombies can no longer get under porch or floor at the Wilkerson's farmhouse.Fixed a few rare crash bugs.Fixed various translations bugs.

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