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Street Fighter 5's Second Beta Hits PS4 And PC Later This Month

Capcom will be holding a second beta test for Street Fighter 5 near the end of this month. Today the company shared some important details on the PS4 and PC test.

The beta will kick off on October 22nd on PS4 and on PC on the 24th. Once the test is up and running on both platforms, PS4 and PC players will be able to compete against each other. Players from each platform will also be competing on the same leaderboards. They won't have much time to compete, though, because the beta wraps up on both PS4 and PC on October 25th barring some last-minute change.

SF5's second beta will also include new characters that Capcom has revealed since the last test. Players will be able to take Ken, Necalli, Vega and R. Mika into battle. Rashid will be added on the 23rd and Karin on the 24th. The five characters from the previous beta - Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Birdie, Nash and M. Bison - won't be available this time around.

During the beta, players will be able to try out Ranked Matchmaking. The game will automatically pair you with someone of your skill level. I have trouble believing that the matchmaking will be very accurate after just a few days of data but it's worth a shot. It's good to see Capcom testing the feature out before launch, at any rate.

The first beta for SF5 let players earn a new currency called Fight Money but didn't offer them anything to spend it on. For beta 2, Capcom will offer a few unlockables including titles and the Kanzuki Estate stage.

This beta will be the first time PC owners can get some hands-on time with SF5. If you're interested in checking out the game, here's what you'll need to run it:

OS Version

Recommended: Windows 7 64-bit


Minimum: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz. Recommended: Intel Core i5-4690K @3.50GHz


Minimum: 6 GB DDR3. Recommended: 8 GB DDR3

Graphics Minimum: Nvidia GTX 480 (or higher), Nvidia GTX 570 (or higher), Nvidia GTX 670 (or higher). Recommended: GTX 960


Broadband Connection Required

DirectX Version - Minimum: DirectX 11. Recommended: DirectX 11

Sound Card - Minimum: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset

Street Fighter 5 will officially launch on PS4 and PC in early 2016.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.