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Super Mario Maker's Title Screen Is Loaded With Fun Surprises

The title screen for Super Mario Maker is apparently filled with tons of surprises and goodies. The newest game from Nintendo is due out soon but some gamers and outlets have managed to get their hands on the title to showcase what fun surprises and Easter Eggs the title screen holds.

Kotaku spotted a video from GameXplain where they posted up a minute and a half long video of the title screen from Super Mario Maker being manipulated and the fun results that come out of it. Check it out below.

For those of you who can't watch the video above or want to know what each letter does you can check out the list below.

• Clicking the Super makes a voiceover chime in saying “Super Mario Maker”

• Clicking the 'M' in 'Mario' flips it around as a 'W' and we hear Waluigi laughing in the background

• Clicking the 'A' in 'Mario' makes a parade of colorful stars rain down

• Clicking on the 'R' in 'Mario' makes a bunch of coins spill out

• The 'O' in 'Mario' makes a flying copter pop out for Mario to fly around in

• The 'M' in 'Maker' causes a turtle shell to fall out onto Mario's head

• Clicking on the 'A' in 'Maker makes it blast off following a quick countdown

• Clicking the 'K' adds an old Gameboy-quality screen filter that looks like it comes out of the silent era of film making

• Clicking the 'E' in 'Maker' makes a spring fall out, allowing Mario to bounce around in the stage

• And finally, the 'R' in 'Maker' sees a Yoshi egg popping out, allowing Mario to ride on the green dinosaur

You can also drag the cursor along the screen to create magical effects or even pick up Mario and place him wherever you want. It's a little similar to the popular magic hand in Super Mario 64 where you could move it around with the analog stick on the N64 controller and grab certain parts of Mario's face to distort and change it to however you wanted. That's still one of the biggest highlights from that game.

Super Mario Maker itself is filled to the brim with surprises, though. The game is actually a creation tool that allows you to make levels and design all sorts of cool interactive challenges using the various styles and themes from popular Super Mario games throughout history. This includes the physics and templates from the NES era Super Mario games, the templates and physics from the SNES era Super Mario games, and even the templates and physics from the Wii U era of Super Mario titles.

Nintendo's new game is shaping up to be one of the biggest releases this September and you can look for it to be made available exclusively on the Wii U starting September 11th.

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