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Thunder…Thunder…Thunder…Thundercats, HOOOOOOO! You’ll have to pardon my outburst. You see, being a child of the 80’s, it is with great pleasure that I pass along the news that a Thundercats game, based on the revitalized animated television show, is headed to the Nintendo DS on September 28th.

As a child, I was something of a Thundercats fanatic for a few years there. My brother and I worshipped the show, collected the action figures and even wore the footy-pajamas showing off the fearless leader Lion-O and his trusty Sword of Omens.

Now that the show is back on the air and being enjoyed by a new generation of pint-sized rascals or half-sized humans (and some of us fans from back in the day, too), it makes sense that Namco Bandai Games Europe would want to jump on the popular show-to-game bandwagon with this latest IP.

The Thundercats game will be based on the adventures from the new show with players running, jumping and swiping their sword as Lion-O, calling down the assistance of Tygra, Cheetara and Panthro when things really get rough.

Would I rather see this as a 3D co-op brawler on home consoles? Absolutely. But beggars can’t be choosers. If Namco Banai is going to at least give us a 2D platformer then, by golly, that’s what I’ll play. Mumm-Ra and his goons are going down.

As a side note, I almost wrote this entire post in the voice of classic Snarf but, in the end, decided to play it straight. You’re welcome.

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