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June's PlayStation Plus updates get rolling with three new titles for your Instant Game Collection this week, including Trine 2: Complete Story and PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate for the PlayStation 4, and NBA 2K14 for the PlayStation 3.

So, it turns out that the “all Plus games release on the first Tuesday of the month” alteration doesn't actually happen until July, which is why you're only seeing three new IGC titles this week instead of six. The new library of two titles per console does begin this week, however, which is why you're seeing two games available for the PS4.

All told, there's a little something for everyone here, so long as “everyone” likes side-scrolling adventure games, dual-stick shooters and sportsball.

The first new Instant Game Collection title for the week is Trine 2: Complete Story, the beautiful and enchanting story of three friends—a thief, a soldier and a wizard—drawn together by fate. Players can freely swap between which character is active, earning access to their unique abilities. The wizard can conjure heavy boxes out of thin air, the thief can grapple onto objects with her whip and the soldier can utilize a sword and shield, for instance. You'll need to master all of these abilities to solve environmental and elemental puzzles on your quest to save the day.

Trine 2 complete is an updated version of a PlayStation 3 game, as is PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, also arriving on the PlayStation 4 IGC this week.

Combining both games in the series into a single tidy package, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate boasts some shiny new graphics that'll make this bright and colorful game look better than every.

Your job is to pilot a ship through an alien planet while avoiding enemies and elemental dangers like lava. Along the way, you'll want to save stranded scientists before the harsh alien environment claims them, which is frequently easier said than done.

Finally, the Instant Game Collection is rounded out this week by the addition of NBA 2K14 for the PlayStation 3. Pick your favorite team, get in a game, take on a career mode and more in the most complete version of virtual roundball to ever grace a games console.

Look for those games to go live in the PlayStation Plus tab of the PlayStation Store this afternoon, once the weekly update goes live. There will also be some discounts to take advantage of, including free Destiny Orbs for players of Destiny of Spirits on the Vita, and a whole bunch of sales for Rainbow Moon content. For a full list, visit the PlayStation Blog.

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