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For those of you who purchased Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for PlayStation 4, you’re just a few days away from finally being able to jump into the highly-anticipated multiplayer beta. To help prepare you for all of that running, jumping and shooting, we’ve pulled together some early looks at multiplayer matches in motion, including those sweet new abilities that have you calling in backup or unleashing mystical fury.

The Uncharted series has always been a mystical edge to it, with all of that believable drama and off-the-wall heroics accompanied by ancient artifacts that turn people into zombie creatures or, you know, yetis or something.

While the multiplayer portions of Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 have nailed the first part of that formula, the crazy mumbo-jumbo that runs in the background of the campaigns has thus far been absent. That’s all about to change with Uncharted 4, which gives players a new ability called “Mysticals.” As you might have guessed, those are basically super abilities that, when triggered, pull in a bunch of those artifacts from previous games and let them run amok on the multiplayer events. Here’s a look at how those Mysticals work, courtesy of an early play by the folks of Gamers Prey HD.

Since the Uncharted 4 beta kicks off in about 24 hours, we understand that many of you who plan on taking part in all of that fun would want to go in as blind as possible. If you’re looking for a competitive edge, though, or just want to see what you’re missing out on, the same group has put together a series of playthroughs from the beta, which is set to kick off on Dec. 3.

There’s a chance that an open beta will follow at some point but, otherwise, purchasing The Nathan Drake Collection is currently the only way to get into this weekend’s early run through Uncharted 4’s multiplayer content. Otherwise, mark your calendars for March and get to waiting for the full game to finally arrive.