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In just a few days, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will hit stores. The early reviews have been extremely positive, which gives me me mixed feelings. On the one hand, I'm glad that Hideo Kojima and his team get to leave the series on a high note.

On the other hand, it makes Konami's decision to shut down Kojima Productions all the more infuriating. Regardless of whatever squabbles happened between the two companies, the fact remains that Kojima and his studio have consistently produced games of stellar quality. The Phantom Pain shows that they clearly had the capacity to keep cranking out hits, too. It's hard to spin Kojima Productions' closure as a smart business move.

Konami says they'll keep making Metal Gear games in the future but it seems more likely that the franchise is going to end up in the same mass grave as their other once-great franchises: Suikoden, Contra, Silent Hill and Castlevania. But hey, at least you've got that pachinko slot machine business to fall back on, guys!

Anyway, here's what else happened this week:

Top Stories Of The Week
Why Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Gamers Won't Be Getting Mortal Kombat X - "We found out the market for 15 frames-per-second fighting games is smaller than anticipated."

Teens Linked To Sony, Microsoft DDoS Attacks Have Been Arrested - Man, these headlines are so much more awkward now that we stopped calling these guys "hackers."

Street Fighter 5 Adds Rainbow Mika To The Roster - Isn't that a My Little Pony character?

YouTube Gaming Has Finally Launched - I won't use it, but I'll definitely watch the reaction videos.

Five Nights At Freddy's 4 Halloween Update Will Reveal Design's Next Game - I won't use it, but I'll definitely watch the reaction videos.

Get Madden 16 For Free By Using Uber - Sure, it's free now, but they'll probably raise the price to $60 on Friday nights.

You Can Win An Entire Island Courtesy Of Just Cause 3 - There's no guarantee that a guy with a grappling hook won't try to take over, though.

Half-Life, Hotline Miami Crossover Game Now Available - Well, I'm glad someone's interested in making Half-Life games.

Hearthstone Grand Tournament Launches Today - Just what the game needed: ways to spend money!

League Of Legends' Biggest Trolls Won't Get Season 5 Rewards - Isn't calling a 15-year-old "abortion material" for not watching his minimap its own reward, though?

Video Of The Week
Sony Japan released an advertisement imagining a Metal Gear Solid wedding to hype MGS5's release on PS4:

Quote Of The Week
"Thanks everyone, I turned 52 and will keep creating in rest of my life," Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima responding to birthday wishes on Twitter.

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