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CD Projekt Red has been keeping a tight lid on the release of the upcoming expansion pack for The Witcher 3, entitled Blood & Wine. However, the release date for the expansion may have leaked ahead of the official announcement, thanks to the Steam page accidentally being updated by the developers ahead of time.

WCCFTech points to a blurry screen grab of The Witcher 3's Steam page before it was modified, where it shows that Blood & Wine will launch on May 30th. After the news leaked it was quickly modified and the release date was removed.

Now it's easy to discount this news because anyone could doctor a screenshot, right? Fake news have been known to circulate within the gaming sphere, and hoaxes have gotten the best of some gaming websites, such as the recent The Division glitch to kill the Falcon Lost boss during the last parts of the Incursion. Only the glitch to kill the boss wasn't real and never existed, but it didn't stop some gaming websites from reporting on it, as detailed in a Reddit post that recapped the event.

In this case, however, there is some substantial evidence to back up the WCCF post regarding The Witcher 3. If you head over to the page for The Witcher 3, you'll find that the game has recently been updated. In fact, the DLC, Blood & Wine, was updated just a few hours ago as of the time of writing this article. A screen grab below for those of you interested to see the time stamp on the changelog.

SteamDB Blood & Wine entry

So what exactly were they working on? Well, they were working on exactly what WCCF Tech reported. In fact, there's literally a changelog of the fact that they removed the May 30th release date, and it says as much if you check the history of the app on Steamdb. The app has been used often to out games that are coming to Steam, in the works for a Steam release, or in some rare cases used for testing purposes, like Halo 3 on PC.

Essentially what this means is that the release date is all but confirmed at this point.

The expansion itself has become quite popular in terms of hype, mostly given to the fact that CD Projekt Red is working on improving the graphics of The Witcher 3, as well as expanding on the game world to include an all new region to explore that's big enough to be its own game.

What's more is that the developers have added all new quests, all new monsters to hunt down and fight, as well as a brand new antagonist for Geralt to face off against.

This is the second major expansion for the game following Hearts of Stone. The new location, new characters, new quests, new weapons and new monsters should prove to add a lot of replay value to The Witcher 3 over the long haul, especially since gamers will have to wait quite some time before CD Projekt releases the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077.

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