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Earlier today CD Projekt RED announced The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Now they've followed up on that announcement by releasing a slew of gorgeous screenshots from the RPG.

Witcher 3 is powered by REDengine 3. As you can see here, it's capable of rendering some very life-like environments and characters. What's more, this highly detailed world isn't diced up into small bits. You can walk - or ride - across it with no loading screens.

The open-world capabilities of the engine fit with CD Projekt's objectives for the game. They want players to explore the world. In doing so, they'll find villages in peril, dusty old ruins, and more. Mini-games such as knife-tossing can be found throughout the land as well.

CD Projekt plans to release Witcher 3 in 2014 on the PC and possibly next-gen consoles.