Of Course, Daniel Craig Had The Most Bond, James Bond Celebration After Landing 007 Role

Daniel Craig stands listening to Dame Judi Dench in front of the ocean in Casino Royale.

Eight actors screen tested for the role of James Bond in 2006’s Casino Royale, but only Daniel Craig was able to walk away with bragging rights as the seventh 007. After balking at even taking the job in the first place, the English actor eventually found himself wooed by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson’s family business. Though he might not have initially had a clue that this first entry would ultimately redefine how audiences saw the legendary character, Craig certainly celebrated that way, as he took the news in the most James Bond way possible: shaken, not stirred.

During his conversation with Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson in the documentary Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story, the man of the hour recalled how he received the news that he’d be the face of Casino Royale’s modern reboot. Recalling his phone call with Ms. Broccoli on that fateful day, Daniel Craig revealed his first bit of practice to live the James Bond lifestyle. And what he describes below left him with quite the hangover:

I went, 'Yes?’ She just went, 'Over to you, kiddo.' So I went and I just grabbed a bottle of vodka, and some vermouth, and bought a cocktail shaker, and went back to my apartment, and started mixing myself vodka martinis.

Now if one were to measure their response proportionately, the inheritance of the James Bond mantle would at the very least be a jolly affair. But as Craig himself goes on to describe, he did indeed incur a hangover in his Casino Royale celebration that lasted, by his own account, for three days. For a normal person, that’s probably an occasional hell; but considering Commander Bond’s drinking habits on screen, it sounds more like a Tuesday.

Of course, that particular vice doesn’t seem to have stuck with Daniel Craig during the preparation to film a movie like No Time To Die. It’s been well publicized that the outgoing actor pulled out all the stops on preparing himself physically for his fifth entry in the 25-film 007 canon. Though now that he’ll be concluding his official reign as the longest running actor to have the James Bond title, there’s sure to be plenty of time for martinis and fond remembrances.

The latter half of that equation is what makes up quite a bit of Daniel Craig’s recollections, as well as those of Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, throughout Being James Bond. Hearing the story of the Craig era, from start to finish, fans can truly appreciate the films that have already been released, while also looking forward to Daniel Craig’s big Bond swan song. And that is something that all who choose to imbibe can certainly drink to.

So if you’re looking to raise a toast to Daniel Craig, be sure to chill your glasses ahead of time, and rent Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story, which is available for a free rental on Apple TV+ until October 7th. Just in time for US audiences to enjoy No Time To Die, which hits theaters stateside on October 8th. Though you UK readers might need to speed up your viewing, as the film will arrive in cinemas on September 30th.

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