Jacob Batalon Talks ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Reginald The Vampire’ And His AAPI Experience

Jacob Batalon, best known as Ned Leeds in the MCU Spider-Man trilogy, sits down with CinemaBlend’s Law Sharma to discuss Spider-Man: No Way Home, his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his Filipino heritage, his impact on the AAPI community and much, much more.

Video Chapters

  • 00:00 - Intro 
  • 00:33 - Jacob Batalon on his relationship with Tom and Zendaya 
  • 02:00 - Jacob recalls a long press day for No Way Home 
  • 02:30 - Jacob reflects on the rumors of becoming Hobgoblin 
  • 03:37 - Casting Ned’s Lola 
  • 04:08 - Jacob shares his experience getting into entertainment as an AAPI 
  • 06:20 - How Jacob’s family views him after becoming famous 
  • 08:00 - Jacob reflects on his impact on the AAPI community 
  • 09:50 - Jacob shares the key to his fashion sense 
  • 11:35 - Jacob talks about Reginald the Vampire as a leading man 
  • 13:22 - Weird Filipino superstitions he still has today 
  • 16:13 - Fan Questions from Pinoy Fans 
  • 18:15 - Jacob shares a message for the AAPI community
Law Sharma
Senior Content Producer

Law was raised in the Bay and is based in LA. Major pop-culture enthusiast and a giant nerd. Advocate for the AAPI community. Gryffindor. Possible superhero.