Netflix’s Love Hard Cast Members Share Rom-Com Scenes They Want To Recreate And Have A Title Idea For The Sequel

Fans of holiday romantic comedies, rejoice because Netflix’s Love Hard is one to add to your seasonal rotation. Iconic favorites Love Actually and Die Hard are referenced frequently throughout the film (as you can guess from the title) and it includes a sweet nod to Love Actually’s poster scene. The cast of Love Hard shared what additional rom-com scenes they want to recreate in a sequel, along with a great idea for the title.

Love Hard follows Natalie (Nina Dobrev), a Los Angeles-based writer who meets her perfect match on a dating app and flies across the country to meet him. She arrives to find out she’s been catfished, which leads to a hilarious, honest and heartwarming journey. Nina Dobrev shared her favorite rom-com scenes with CinemaBlend:

I’m torn between a few. Either My Best Friend’s Wedding, the bathroom scene between Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts, or Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride when she’s running with the wedding dress, or any Jennifer Anniston or Kate Hudson rom-com with Matthew McConaughey - in all of them, because he was in all of them for ten years - I just want to recreate every single rom-com in a sequel if possible. We could just do a variety show. Die Actually would be the title of the sequel.

Who doesn’t love a Matthew McConaughey rom-com? She’s not wrong about him being in all the movies - we like to call this time period the McConnessance - but I love that Nina Dobrev also revealed the perfect title for the sequel to Love Hard which is Die Actually. As it’s another merging the titles of Love Actually and Die Hard, Netflix couldn’t possibly go with any other title for the sequel, and even though I’m not sure how this title could inform the plot picking up where the previous left off, I now need this sequel to happen.

Jimmy O. Yang, who plays Josh the catfisher, also shared the classic rom-com scenes he would like to recreate in a sequel. He imagined his character getting another epic moment, and it’s great. Here’s what Yang told CinemaBlend:

Julia Roberts was always one of my favorites, the Knotting Hill maybe when she steps into the store with her sandals crying, like that type of vibe, I can be Julia Roberts in a sequel. I can pull that off, hopefully.

There’s no doubt in my mind that he could pull that off. Darren Barnet, who plays the other leading man in Love Hard chose my personal favorite rom-com scene, and I agree they should re-create this one if Netflix greenlights a sequel. Here’s what he chose:

Every time I have a boombox in my hand, and I know that sounds random like who still has a boombox? I still have one, and I just imagine myself outside of a window holding it up in the air with a trenchcoat and blasting music like Say Anything. That’s been a subtle dream of mine for a while.

This makes me want to go dig my boombox out of storage at my parent’s house. Darren, if you’re reading this, feel free to hold one outside my window. We have the same dream! 

Honestly, any of the scenes the cast mentioned would be great to see recreated by their characters. Love Hard wraps up at the end but still leaves speculation for where these characters go next, and I’d love to see them return. Love Hard begins streaming on Netflix November 5. 

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