Spider-Man Spinoff Director Gina Prince-Bythewood Updates Us On Her Silver Sable And Black Cat Movie

One thing about the Sony slate of Spider-Man properties that are in development at the studio is that projects come and go, depending on the popularity and availability of characters and creators. While Tom Hardy’s Venom appears to be the bedrock foundation of that universe, setting up a possible Venom 3, there have been plenty of other Spider-Man-related projects in development at Sony that are shooting, have been announced, or still might see the light of day. Yes, El Muerto, I’m looking at you.

One of the more intriguing projects that occupied the production pipeline was Silver & Black, a spy thriller helmed by Gina Prince-Bythewood that would have focused on two femme fatales in Spider-Man’s universe: SIlver Sable and The Black Cat. And yet, while projects including Kraven the Hunter with Aaron Taylor Johnson and the upcoming Madame Webb movie co-starring Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney moved through development, Silver & Black kept stalling. So when we spoke with Gina Prince-Bythewood on the ReelBlend podcast, we asked her about the status of that movie, and she told us:

Those two characters… Silver Sable is an incredibly dope character. Her backstory is insane. I was excited by it. It didn’t come to fruition, and Old Guard did. I don’t know where we are with that right now.

The Old Guard was an action-heavy movie steeped in mythology starring Charlize Theron that Gina Prince-Bythewood directed for Netflix. Catch it now, so long as your Netflix Subscription is up to date. Given the fact that Old Guard moved ahead of Silver & Black, Spider-Man fans might have been hoping that Prince-Bythewood would move to it next. Instead, she tackled the true-life story of the Dahomey tribe in Africa, and the female warriors trained to protect it. And even in there, this director shows how capable she is at directing big-ticket action set pieces.

Both The Old Guard and now The Woman King are receiving positive remarks from critics. And Woman King is set up at Sony, the studio that holds the rights to Spider-Man and his spinoff characters. I see no valid reason why Silver & Black can’t find its way back onto the studio’s radar. Given the fact that Olivia Wilde might not be in the running anymore for her Spider-related movie thanks to the controversy surrounding her behavior on the set of Don’t Worry Darling, Sony will need another project to fall into place. Gina Prince-Bythewood loves her female warrior comic book characters. Let’s circle back around, Sony, and make this potentially special project into a reality!

Silver Sable and Black Cat

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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Sean O'Connell
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