WWE’s Xavier Woods On His Dream Of King Of The Ring And Praying For New Day’s Reunion

2021 will go down as a big year for the WWE for a lot of reasons, though few wrestlers have had the year that Xavier Woods has had. Woods joined the relaunch of the G4 network as a television host and, if that weren’t enough, he accomplished his career-long dream of becoming WWE’s King of the Ring. Though he’s accomplished his goals over the course of the year, it doesn’t mean the work is done.

I got a chance to speak to the wrestling veteran about his upcoming series on G4, as well as his recent accomplishments in the WWE. Becoming King of the Ring is something he campaigned for on social media for long before it actually happened, which to some, may seem odd. The TV personality explained why he was so intent on capturing one of the more obscure titles available in WWE and revealed that this passion came from something that started a long time ago:

So I always loved wrestling, and I found an interest in medieval-type things. I fell into the deepest of love with King Arthur, and I’d read those stories front to back about him and his Knights of the Roundtable and Gwenevere, like all so many fun, interesting things. There was always situations whether it was in King Arthur stuff or just like actual medieval things that I would read where a king would have a jousting tournament or something, and he’d have a champion who found for him, who represented him. But, I never in my life have been able to find a situation where a champion had a king do his bidding. So, it made perfect sense to me that the king is clearly at the top of the food chain, and so that means that King of the Ring means that you’re at the top of WWE. Regardless of who’s what champion. You have a crown. You are fully in charge of the kingdom.

As “King Woods,” Xavier Woods has made it known on SmackDown that he’s not aiming to bow down to anyone. That’s caused some tension with superstars like Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who would argue that he’s the one deserving of the most attention, considering he’s in possession of one of the brand’s largest championship titles. 

Wrestling fans may agree with Roman Reigns’ perspective. However, Xavier Woods might argue that’s due to the WWE’s treatment of the King of the Ring gimmick in recent years. Woods further revealed during our chat that now that he holds a new title, that he’s hoping to bring back the prestige and honor that's fitting of the WWE's coveted moniker:

I think that, as king, it is now my burden to make sure that everyone on the roster and everyone watching the show understands the importance of the crown. Because, at certain times, it was just kind of a throwaway thing. We’d have a tournament every now and then, might do a one-night tournament on Raw like unannounced, things just kind of happening. To me, the crown has always deserved so much more respect than that, and that is why I wanted it so bad. I feel like I am the person who is going to have the ability to do that and raise it up to the level that it should be while also being a G4 host making great content again.

The star will be working as King Woods alongside Kofi Kingston and then working at G4 when he’s not on SmackDown or touring. Woods confessed he’s going to be burning the candle at both ends for a while but is grateful he’s doing the things he’s passionate about both in and outside of the wrestling ring. 

Fans seem to be thrilled for him and his title but are upset that the WWE once again split the trio of Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods across their programming. The New Day still exists under Kingston and Woods, but, without the current WWE Champion Big E, it’s not truly the iconic stable that took the WWE by storm years ago. I asked Woods if he too missed the trio being on the same show and if he’d like to see the whole team reunited once again, and he confirmed he’s still hoping for it:

Yeah, of course, I want the trio back together. That’s where all the fun is. Obviously, Kofi and I are having a great time with each other, and E’s crushing it on Raw. So, for the consumer, there’s New Day across all week, so you get more New Day for your buck, essentially. But, for us, we love being a trio. Riding together to and from the towns, being able to do matches together, and cut promos together. It is the most fun I’ve ever had in wrestling with those two guys. So I’m always praying for the day that we can get back together and do what we do best.

For now, it doesn’t seem like the WWE has any plans to reunite New Day as a trio, especially with Big E as WWE champion on Monday Night Raw. Then again, one can never know what to expect when it comes to the company and whether it will or won’t reunite or split the popular tag teams of its brand. At present, it can't be denied that all three are doing well enough on their own, though I certainly wouldn’t complain if the three reunited at pay-per-views just to show support for each other when the opportunity presents itself. 

Xavier Woods is working with the WWE on an upcoming G4 show that will officially premiere in 2022. The gaming network is officially back on television and can be found on Verizon Fios, Cox, and Xfinity TV, or can stream the network via Philo or on G4’s official YouTube and Twitch channels.

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